Hello everyone, welcome to our School Council web page!

We are the School Council at The Willows Primary School and on this page we will: introduce ourselves, tell you what we do and why we are important and we will post the minutes of our meetings so that you know what we are discussing!

What we do:

At our school, we have meetings at least once every half term. In these meetings, we talk about issues which affect us and our school. Sometimes we have to pass important messages on to our classmates and sometimes we discuss things we want to talk about. We also hold lots of competitions – for example a competition to design a logo for our School Council. We are allowed to talk about anything we think is going well or badly at our school and tell Mr Freese and Miss Sproull all about what goes on around the building and in the playground. We are also allowed to give ideas for how to make our school a better place and for what we should do next as a group.

Why we are important:

We are important because we make sure the school is well looked after and we pass on important messages to our classmates. We always try to be role models and show others how to behave around school and in class. We also all make sure we put our hands up in meetings to share our ideas and thoughts.

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