Staff and Governors at Willows Primary School

CEO: Mr S Tobin
Headteacher: Mr T Robinson
Deputy Headteacher: Mrs L Wilson
Deputy Headteacher & Inclusion: Mr D Aston
Chair of Governors: Mr M Pretlove


Year 1 Year 2
Mrs Ruggles Miss Hudson  Mrs Proctor/Mrs Cox    Mrs Thompson  Miss Conway Mrs Smith/Mrs Hill  
Year 3 Year 4
Miss Dorrington Miss Slocombe Mrs Hughes   Mrs Ingram  Miss Jones Mr Hassan  
Year 5 Year 6      
Miss Carpenter  Miss Ruffell  Miss Foster   Miss Bernson   Mrs Breach  Mr Fuller   
Nursery Reception
Mrs Watson   Mrs Palmer Miss Christofi   Mrs Templar/Mrs Rumball    

Year Group Leads

EYFS – Mrs Templar
Year 1 – Miss Hudson
Year 2 & KS1 – Mrs Carlier Year 3 – Miss Dorrington
Year 4 – Mrs Ingram Year 5 – Miss Ruffell      

SEN and Additional Support

Mrs J Hookins
Inclusion Assistant
Mrs J Smith
Family Support Mentor
Mrs S Matthewman
EAL Lead 
Mrs T Clay
Sensory and Nurture Lead, Autism Champion
Mrs E Adams
Behaviour Support Worker
Mrs Rumball

Classroom Support

Miss C Lazenbury Mrs A Pounder Mrs H Broadhurst Miss J Sheppard Miss K Lane Miss C Estabrook Mrs P Harrington
Miss A Hassan Miss C Williams Mrs Graur Mrs R Laubscher Mrs R Bowles Mrs L Darch      Mrs S Zahra
Mr T Tobin   Mrs R Wild Miss T Gordon Mrs C Finch Miss H Broadhurst Mrs C Watson Miss M Rybek
Mrs J Smith Mrs M Kinsley Mrs K Turner Mrs Secara  Mrs L Eve Miss Cullen Mrs R Reeve 
Mr D Lambart Mrs Jones Mrs S Smart

Mrs S Golbourn

Mrs D Mealing Miss C Raymond Miss E Smith
Miss Kelleher


Mrs C Watson        

Finance and Administration

Mr R Short
Office Manager
Miss Pickford
Admissions & Attendance Officer
Miss Henry
Medical Officer
Miss M Braybrook
Admin Assistant
Mrs A Hyde
Finance Officer
Mrs G Rider
Finance Assistant


Mr B Loveless Mrs B Turner Mrs Dennis Mrs H Skinner

Premises Team

Mr B Robinson
Site Manager

Ms A Cook

Mrs D Bird
Mrs C Hanson
Mrs Z Usmanova
Mrs G Olayinka

Mrs J Tucker
Mrs C Wright-Bailey
Miss T Carroll
Mrs C Wright-Bailey
Cleaning Supervisor


Midday Assistant

Miss Kelleher Mrs W Allen Miss C Raymond Mrs R Laubscher Mrs Horrobin Ms T Gordon Mrs M Kinsley Mrs Bird
Mrs Watson Mrs K Turner Mrs A Pounder Mrs S Zahra   Mrs Z Usmanova    
Mrs E Adams - Senior MDA & Outdoor Leader    

Catering Staff

Mrs S Lagosz
Catering Manager

Mrs K Omer
Catering Assistant

Mrs D Davis
Catering Assistant
Mrs Slack
Catering Assistant